This is a web page hosted from my computer at home that I use to share files and information with fellow hobbiests.

Remembering Louis and Barb Dausse

Balsa Model information:

Battery charger reviews
My review of the iCharger 208B battery charger
My review of the FMA CellPro Multi4 battery charger
My review of the Turnigy-5011 battery charger

Flying related information
Flying model aircraft in Corvallis City Parks
Various flying related files (FMA & CC)

Model building related information
The Virtual Aeordrome
Errors found in the instrustions and plans for the Dumas DH-89 kit
Errors found in the 2007 revision of the instrustions for the Dumas F4U kit
Information on duplicating plastic parts
Guillow's Nieuport 11 Directions
Guillow's P-39 Directions

Converting a text file (The Relublic) to 16,500 lines of html code

Life in the nuclear navy

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