Don't launch that model airplane!

Per Corvallis Municipal Code section 5.01.080 several dangerous activities are forbidden in the city parks, including flying aircraft. But per section 5.01.090 the City Manager may establish a special use area for a dangerous activity.

The City Manager has established two such areas, and with the help of the parks department I have been able to get descriptions of these special use areas and their rules of use. Since I know of no other place to get this information I am creating this web page to publish it. But should anything I present here conflict with information from the parks department, go with what they are telling you and please let me know so I can update this information.

The special use areas

  1. Pioneer Park (only in the section shown below)
  2. The BMX Track

For your convenience I have located this same area in Google Maps:

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The Rules

These are the rules as passed on to me by Stephen Deghetto (Parks Operations Supervisor) on 4 April 2008. That's it, simple and straight forward.

My $0.02

Having these special use areas is a privilege and if they are abused the privilege to use them can be quickly revoked. With that in mind I present some suggested guidelines for use.

The Pioneer Park site has no close parking. You can either park in the parking lot for Pioneer Park or somewhere near 1st or 2nd by the Hwy 34 Bypass then walk down the path to the field. This seclusion is good in that the field sees little use and should almost always be available for flying. It is also in a low area and is surrounded by trees, providing good shelter from the wind.

The BMX Track site seems to me to be less useful due to existing equipment and the likelihood of use by BMX riders. However, it does have a parking area and is an excellent spot to go if you just need some space to do some quick test flights. The area of the park is larger than at Pioneer, but there is a row of trees down the middle and several utility poles throughout the field. I don't see this being very useful for free-flight aircraft, but a smaller RC plane should be able to navigate the obstacles. This might be a good place for a parent to take their kids for a few minutes to fly a foam "park flyer".

Both areas are adjacent to highways. Take care that your plane does not get out of control and enter the roadway where you might cause a wreck. This is more of an issue with free flight planes where a thermal could carry your plane out of the intended flying area.

If you have any corrections, questions, or comments please feel free to email me.